Live Fierce Compassion

Living “on purpose” is a fierce action to live through your true authentic self. It’s digging deep for those aha moments, and making the changes that have lasting impact on your inner being. It’s the link that takes you to the next level of living, serving, and loving. With joy and harmony in all that you do.

Michelle Arellano


Living Fierce Compassion is a passion of Michelle Arellano’s. One that she has to share. After spending years in training through Ministerial school, one on one coaching, counseling, and “digging deeper”, Michelle has emerged as an inspirational force in many circles. She now serves others through Shadow Work, Life Coaching, Spiritual Counseling, teaching classes and workshops, professional Training and Development, as well as speaking and facilitation of events and workshops.

Go Within

In order to truly love others,
we first must truly love ourselves.

Personal & Professional


Michelle offers specific ways to live life full out and on purpose. Using Shadow Work, Life Coaching, Executive Coaching, teaching classes and workshops, and professional Training and Development, Michelle takes her clients to the next level in their lives.

“Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Michelle’s Services

Life Coaching
Spiritual Guidance
Shadow Work – Discovering Your Divine Purpose
Executive Coaching
Training and Development
Speaking and Facilitating
Workshops and Classes

Awaken Your Soul

The key to living an authentic life, walking your soul’s path,
is trust and faith, knowing that Universe is for you.


Shine Your Light

Love is the doorway to our heart’s desires!
As we embrace that, we embrace ourselves. It’s our nature.

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