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It’s All of It!

It’s All of It! 900 600 onpurpose
  I would like to talk about our emotions today, accepting all of ourselves unconditionally, and fully loving ourselves. We are not perfect in this human experience and we are infinite divine beings in our spiritual selves, made of pure love, joy, and abundance. For me, embracing all of me has not always been easy- [...]read more

Peace in the Midst of the Storm

Peace in the Midst of the Storm 900 550 onpurpose
  Thursday was a profound day for me. I went to Nia Dance (Nia-Dance, helps to heal the body, spirit, mind and emotions), with a heavy heart after another shooting incident the night prior. 14 lives lost in San Bernardino, senseless killings, and there’s no way to even wrap myself around it. It happened again, [...]read more

Meditation is Listening

Meditation is Listening 900 481 onpurpose
  “Meditate! Let the light of the heart engulf you.” – Gurumayi Chidvilasananda I spoke about meditation and the bumpy road it was for me in the beginning. Now it’s not perfect but I’m more in the flow and it touches my heart deeply. What has helped me with meditation is staying diligent. I apply [...]read more


Meditation 900 522 onpurpose
  For me meditation has been an unfolding, a discovering, and a surrendering experience. The first few times I meditated I was all over the place. My mind was jumping from one thing to another and, in no way, was it peaceful. Over a few years I would try it off and on and really [...]read more
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