Life Coaching & Guidance

Discover your authentic self, the truth of who you are, and live in this truth so your light will illuminate and enrich the world.
– Michelle Arellano

Life Coaching
and Guidance Work

“Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Does what you’re experiencing in every aspect of your life – in health, in relationships, in employment, in finances and much more – reflect your true, authentic self? Does bringing your experiences and your authentic self into perfect alignment sound like a beautiful prospect and possibility? Life coaching offers an effective tool for bringing forth the answers deep within you and then acting upon them.

Begin with honest and open self-assessment. Discover your divine purpose. Declare your true calling, and experience the truth of who you are as it unfolds in every aspect of your life.

What Life Coaching can do for you:

  • Connection with your purpose
  • Learn to trust yourself for the answers
  • Develop goals and intentions
  • Start doing instead of dreaming
  • Learn to create your own community

Spiritual Coaching
and Guidance Work

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”
– Rumi

As spiritual beings having a human experience, we sometimes forget that we are our souls, infinite and divine. Our happiness lies in being true to ourselves and true to our souls. Our souls need each other. Soul work is healing work that opens us to loving and accepting ourselves more. Soul work frees us to come from a soul place wherein we live in a more powerful, grounded and authentic way.

What Spiritual Coaching can do for you:

  • Learn to use spiritual practices that support your path
  • Connect with your higher calling
  • Learn to hear and trust your intuition
  • Personal support in your current beliefs
  • Find and support your purpose

Shadow Work

Discovering Your Divine Purpose

“Enlightenment is not imagining figures of light but making the darkness conscious.”
– Carl Jung

Shadow work is essential to breaking through to your authentic self. Our shadow selves live in our subconscious far below the surface of our conscious awareness. These are the parts of ourselves both positive (light) and negative (dark) which our ego rejects. We spend much of our lives denying and suppressing our shadow selves which, in turn, makes them powerful, effective blockages to our self-discovery. When we bring our shadow selves into the conscious light of day where we begin to can understand and embrace them, we set ourselves free.

I want to help you discover your authentic self, the truth of who you are, and to live in this truth that allows you to shine your light so brightly that it illuminates and enriches the world. My services are listed below. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

What Shadow Work can do for you:

  • Discover your soul’s purpose
  • Learn the freedom of authentic living
  • Learn to embrace your fears and walk through them
  • Live in a space of wholeness and freedom
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